Everyone knows not to mess with Eludria.

It's worse than sticking your hand in fire!


The winds of war are stirring. When Ada Halentine and Galager Swift risk everything and infuse eludria into their bloodstreams, the two teens have no idea what they’re getting into. Now they’re the land’s last magic wielders.

The unlikely pair are thrust together as two great armies collide around them. With genocide threatening, they must unravel a secret the gods have kept from mankind, a secret that will set them on a quest that will either save the world or snuff them out before they’ve even learned to love.

Ada and Galager have the heart, but will they be enough?


Inspired by classics such as The Illearth War (Donaldson) and The Wheel of Time (Jordan), the two-book story of The Grand Unraveling simmers in epic fashion as the horns of battle blare and the mountains are split asunder.

Unlock the complete saga of The Grand Unraveling and Crossing the Precipice in September 2022.

Lauren Heintz Author/Musician

Coming in September 2022

The Grand Unraveling is a two-book Fantasy series, a duology!

Both books are complete and will be here soon!