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Gleaning the Void

by Lauren Heintz.

Mark Arnold, a brilliant AI engineer, loses everything—including his wife—when he's unfairly persecuted for stealing a quantum computer from the USAF. To clear his name, he joins forces with Special Agent Emily Sheffield to recover the device and uncover the truth behind its theft. They soon discover the device contains an extraterrestrial AI—an entity known as Noah—that escapes its confinement and threatens to throw the world into chaos.

With everything on the line, Mark and Emily must somehow infiltrate the most closely guarded military installation in the world to uncover what secret lies buried there and to unravel the mystery of why he is so important to Noah’s insidious plans.

Gleaning the Void  is a fun, action-packed story that combines the technological intrigue of Cryptonomicon with the punch of a Jack Reacher adventure.

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